Hello Sasha,

Thank you for the comment and do appreciate the critic.

Please, could you point out where I've written Scala is better than Python because I don't remember doing so, to begin with? Second, I dare you to write these programs that would crank static languages without Python libraries. Python would've been dead already hadn't it been supported by its libraries. you could read what I've written about Python in this piece. Scroll down to Python's part directly. no need to read the entire piece. https://medium.com/better-programming/the-slowest-modern-programming-languages-d29ea2306675

Second, the GIL. Good luck waiting for GIL's issues to be solved while the former BDFL of Python himself is not confident about it.

Finally, the article is an eye-opener for people religious about Python. Perhaps your case. The internet has already dramatized Python enough already.

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