Hello everyone,

That's an interesting thread.

Indeed you guys are right to some extent.

When I stated "Most of us", I was speaking statistically. To confirm that, Javascript and Python both top the ranking of programming languages according to StackOverflow 2020:


However, it is known that statically-typed-languages like C++ are safer (Compile-time checks), robust, and stress-resistant. That's why they are usually deployed in production codes. I 'll soon finish a story regarding that.

Now, In my opinion, I think the best choice is to use a mix of the two. For example Python for prototyping and C++ for large codebases.

For the records, this article is the fruit of experience, research and discussions with professionals. And it was written to give people from all walk of life a taste of languages performance. I was not pulling out of my hat.

Feel free to reply accordingly

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