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MSc IT & Business. I write about programming, data science and business.

It has nothing to do with Bitcoin being the first crypto. There’s more to it.

First Tweet About Bitcoin

A Signal for a Change

Be careful what to use.

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Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft aren’t great advertisers. Yet, they rule the tech industry.

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Breaking from the usual tech stuff, here’s a short story about my struggles and what programming brought to the table

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Online courses are just the tip of the iceberg

Someone using their laptop
Someone using their laptop
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And why they advocate static languages like C++

developers at work in a large workroom
developers at work in a large workroom
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And the reasons as to why they are slow

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Polish your code with elegant if-else statements

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A shepherd at 15. An entrepreneur at 18. A millionaire at 56.

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Early life

Practical steps to demystify any code

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